iTEDIUM Announces New Chief Operating Officer and Director of Software Development

Overland Park, KS – June 5, 2017 – iTEDIUM, Inc., the leading innovator in benefits administration technology, has named Chris Ballard to its leadership team as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Ballard will oversee, develop and set the strategic direction for the day-to-day operations of iTEDIUM and the products and services it offers, including its proprietary COBRA administration system, COBRAGuard®.

In its continued commitment to growth and innovation through outstanding people, iTEDIUM has hired Steve Williams as Director of Software Development. Williams takes the helm as the company experiences rapid growth and a reinforced dedication to innovative benefits administration solutions.

Prior to his appointment, Ballard was iTEDIUM’s Vice President of Technology for 12 years and, before joining iTEDIUM, Williams was Director of Software Development for 13 years at iModules Inc.

“Since joining iTEDIUM in 2005, Chris has been a dynamic, thought-provoking leader,” said Robert Meyers, Chief Executive Officer of iTEDIUM. “His experience and knowledge of our enterprise technology and his years working alongside our talented and dedicated staff will help us grow and ensure that our focus is always on the technology needs of our customers.”

“The addition of Steve to the team couldn’t have happened at a better time. Steve brings a fresh perspective yet a strong background in SaaS solutions. As we continue to ensure that our systems are nimble, secure and adaptable to our customers’ needs, we also want to keep our efficiencies and continue to help our customers streamline their benefits processes,” said Meyers.

The iTEDIUM solutions include COBRAGuard®, EESe, Harmoney and Emeritus all of which allow scalability, flexibility and quick-to-implement benefits solutions.


iTEDIUM has been an innovator in web-based employee benefits administration service since 2001; integrating proven technology-driven processes and programs into the work streams of the organizations we serve. Our clients represent a wide range of companies and organizations, from small employers to large public entities and third-party administrators. Regardless of an organization’s size, iTEDIUM has a benefit-administration solution to meet their needs:

  • COBRAGuard® – “The Most Affordable, Efficient and Comprehensive Solution for COBRA Administration”
  • EESe – “A Benefit Eligibility and Enrollment System that Works”
  • Harmoney – “Correcting Mistakes Before They Strike Your Bottom Line”
  • Emeritus – “Built to Help Those Who Helped Build the Future”

Our goal is to help employers save time and money and improve service while minimizing risk and liability. We currently service more than 3,000 accounts located in all 50 states. iTEDIUM’s corporate headquarters is based in Overland Park, KS with a sales and marketing center in Tampa, FL. For more information, visit

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