iTEDIUM helps you automate and streamline tasks and procedures, enhancing the human interactions that really matter.

The process of on-boarding, maintaining and, at some point, ending an employment relationship (for any number of reasons) is challenging for both employee and employer. Add to that regulatory requirements and changes, differences in benefit platforms and the increased complexity of the business environment and you will see that finding a way to simplify benefit administration is on every growing company’s wish list. What if there was a way to manage the entire “life cycle” in one place?
There’s Eligibility and Enrollment...and Then There’s EESe

EESe is the Eligibility and Enrollment Platform built for benefit professionals like you. It is the solution that drives your entire platform. It's built from an eligibility point of view - saving time and effort for the HR administrator and employee alike. Imagine what open enrollment could look like, if you were freed from the tedious details.

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How Much Money is Your Company Paying For Unused Benefits?

Harmoney beats the high cost of benefit errors before they strike your bottom line. By applying technological oversight to benefits plan management, Harmoney eliminates wasteful steps and processes. How much can it save you?

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Direct Billing Software That Can Be Modified for Your Needs

Emeritus allows for an easily implemented, easily modified solution to support former employees that are on a self-pay basis, including your retiree population. Often referred to as "Direct Bill," iTEDIUM has expanded the concept to a suite of services tailored to you, the HR benefit professional.

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Keep COBRA Coverage From Biting the Bottom Line

COBRAGuard combines great, personal service with reduced costs. How? The secret lies in web-based efficiency - and knowing where personal interactions are required. We deploy the “human touch” just to the parts of the process that need it the most.

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