Beat the high cost of benefits errors by correcting mistakes before they strike your bottom line

It can be all too easy for financial waste to creep into your organization’s benefit costs. Situations such as overlapping plans, inaccurate information, and incorrect billing are dangerously common. Enter: Billing Reconciliation. As iTEDIUM applies technological surveillance to plan expenditures, it eliminates wasteful processes by design. This best in class reconciliation system works by comparing all of the data about your employees and their plans across all of your carriers to correct any overlapping or missing plans.

By catching and correcting errors before the premium invoice is finalized and paid, iTEDIUM can safeguard an organization’s entire suite of benefits. This easy-to-implement solution will integrate with your current systems and work with any carriers.

Want to learn if the system would be right for you? We have a simple, 12 question assessment that can indicate quickly if Harmoney might be a good fit for your organization. Some of our customers have saved millions of dollars using this billing reconciliation system.  Click here to take the quiz.

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