A Benefit Eligibility and Enrollment System that Works

Most enrollment and eligibility platforms are built primarily as an enrollment system that then check for eligibility. Why does the order make a difference? An enrollment system is simply designed to sell, whereas EESe (Eligibility Enrollment System for Employers) is built with you in mind. It centers on meeting your commitments to your workforce, vendors, and executive team with accuracy and efficiency.

EESe is meant to make it easy for you to communicate with your workforce, providers, and COBRA administrator. Our technology allows employer groups and health plans of any size to easily manage the healthcare benefits and eligibility of their workforce. Among a host of other features, our flexible platform effortlessly integrates with plans, carriers, and providers, along with your business rules, giving way to unparalleled insight and control over your business.

EESe is a portal with the flexibility of different views that allow you to permit various levels of interactions for your employees, all while maintaining strict data standards and your customized business rules.

EESe premium billing and payment collection will produce monthly bills, payroll deduction files, and when integrated with other iTEDIUM services, can actually mail and collect payments – all in one system!

iTEDIUM knows that you are a unique organization serving a unique set of customers. You have your branding needs, ways of communicating, specific compliance requirements, and a host of other specifications that should be reflected and accommodated by your solution.

Our proprietary software can be easily modified. This is not just because of its thoughtful design, but also because our in-house development team is available for sit-downs, phone calls, and design sessions to reach a solution that meets your needs.

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